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Concept of Exploration

Exploration enlists students in a quest to extend beyond their world and engage in self-directed learning. Teachers establish the conditions under which students learn, but not necessarily the results. Students take an active role in establishing the parameters for exploration, and investigate and formulate conclusions about how their discovery relates to previous knowledge and experience. Optimum learning requires a minimum of teacher direction and a maximum of student action.

Processes of Exploration:

  • Predicting

    Predicting is the data-driven process of extrapolating and manipulating information based on a minimum amount of data and/or prior knowledge. These predictions establish a framework for exploration. New information is then ushered in to support or refute the prediction.

  • Experimenting

    Through the process of experimenting, ideas are proven or disproved. Experimenting is conducted through the identification and control of variables for the purpose of arriving at a cause-effect conclusion, and hypotheses are confirmed or denied. Essentially, students collect and manipulate data as well as assess results.


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