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Concept of Value

Emphasizing students' emotions and attitudes during the learning process supports the concept of value. It places a premium on the fact that students' affective and cognitive development is equally important. Decades of research support that a student's academic success is often determined by how well his or her personal needs are met. In other words, students in a personalized classroom understand that science is more than a collection of facts. It is a collaborative exchange of information.

To help students appreciate science as well as themselves, the teacher acts as facilitator, offering guidance and support as they make decisions and investigate self-initiated discoveries. When students are allowed to direct some of their own learning, positive attitudes toward that subject increase. In addition, as students are given opportunities to express their feelings and opinions, learning becomes personal and long lasting.

Processes of Valuing:

  • Communicating

    Communicating is the process of sharing information that involves interacting with others and organizing data in an articulate fashion. Communicating takes many forms including verbal and written responses, reading, listening, demonstrating, and questioning.


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